Frequently asked questions

Can I change my move date or cancel my move?

Unfortuntely, once you've paid our non-refundable deposit, we cannot allow changes to your move date. When we book your job, we turn away other customers for that day and lose out on other business. You can cancel your move with us, but there will not be a refund of the deposit!

How will my movers handle my TV(s)?

All TVs MUST be moved in a box if they are on the truck. We will allow you, like most Austin movers, one of the following options to move your TV:

  1. We can rent you a TV box to use for your move day
  2. You can purchase a TV box from us if you'd like to keep it after your move
  3. You can provide your own box and we'll happily use it for your move
  4. We can load your TV (without a box) in your personal vehicle and unload it on the other end free of charge

What time will my movers arrive?

All jobs have a two hour arrival window. For example, an arrival window of 9 am to 11 am means that the crew won't get there at 9 am, or at 11 am, but will get there sometime in-between. Your movers will let you know when they are about 15-20 minutes away!

How do I determine the best movers in Austin?

Things to keep in mind when choosing a local Austin moving company are customer service, pricing, moving experience, customer reviews/satisfaction, and professionalism. We'd like to make this easy for you - choose Sarver Movers! Check out our Google and Yelp reviews. If our high ratings on all platforms don't convince you, call in and we'll prove to you that we have fantastic customer service, professionalism, and lots of experience in the industry. Not to mention, we're upfront about our pricing and will never overcharge you for your move. Give us a call today!

How will my movers protect my furniture?

Upon request, all furniture can be wrapped in moving blankets and pads for both local Austin moves and furniture deliveries while our movers are carrying your items. Once your furniture is placed in the truck, it will always be protected with moving blankets to prevent damage while driving.

Are you guys local Austin movers as well as long distance movers?

Yes, we sure are! We've been moving in Austin since January of 2016. We handle all local moves in Austin and the surrounding areas, as well as throughout Texas and beyond. Contact us today and we'll help plan your local Austin or long distance move!

Can I change the location for my local Austin move?

Yes you can! We can accept location changes for your local Austin move or furniture delivery up until 24 hours within your move's arrival window. Please note, any additional stops over the initial 2 will be charged an additional $100 per stop.

Do you offer furniture delivery services?

Here's for you Austinites who only need your few heaviest items (1-5 items to be exact) moved locally. We offer this option, at a discounted rate, as an alternative to paying the full hourly move rate. Furniture delivery for 1-5 items starts at only $225!