When you book with Sarver Movers, you can trust that your move will be easy peasy. Just take a look at our process below so you know what to expect!


Discuss your move with us and get an estimate. We'll send you a nonrefundable deposit to secure your move. Make sure the date and time work for your move before paying!


Review the important information included in the deposit email, such as the date and time of your move, physical addresses, contact information, and the Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move in Texas pamphlet. Pay your deposit and woohoo, you've booked Sarver Movers!


The day before your move, we'll reach out with a reminder to confirm your move details. If you haven't already, now's the time to let us know if anything has changed! We look forward to helping you move!


On the day of your move, you'll receive a phone call from our crew with an ETA to your first location. You'll get another call when they have arrived! The arrival call will be the move start time. Voilà, your stress free move has begun.


Our crew will do a brief initial walkthrough of your home to create a move plan. They will hand you our moving contract and get your first signature of the day, confirming you agree to the terms and are ready for our crew to move your items.


Our crew will then begin moving your items onto the truck. Once all items have been moved, you and our crew will do a walkthrough of your first location. We'll get your second signature of the day, confirming they have moved all items. Now it's time to get rollin' to the next stop!


We'll drive to your final location and unload the truck. Upon unloading the last item, you and our crew will do a walkthrough of the truck and the final location. We'll get your last signature of the day, confirming you have received all items.


A manager will reach out to you via phone to take payment. Now is the time to inform us if you'd also like to leave a tip! We thank YOU for choosing Sarver Movers and we'll see you next time you need to move!

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my move date or cancel my move?

Unfortuntely, once you've paid our non-refundable deposit, we cannot allow changes to your move date. When we book your job, we turn away other customers for that day and lose out on other business. You can cancel your move with us, but there will not be a refund of the deposit.

How do you handle TVs?

All TVs MUST be moved in a box if they are on the truck. Here are the options:

  1. We can rent you a TV box to use for your move day
  2. You can purchase one from us if you'd like to keep it
  3. You can provide your own box
  4. We can load your tv (without a box) in your personal vehicle and unload it on the other end

What time will you arrive?

All jobs have a two hour arrival window. For example, an arrival window of 9 am to 11 am means the crew will get there anytime between 9 am and 11 am. They will let you know when they are 20 minutes away!

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